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Batala Brazilian Drum Band Afro-Brazilian / Samba-Reggae rhythms.

Batala in Washington, DC is an all-women percussion band whose mission is to empower women through drumming and expose people to Brazil’s dynamic music and culture. Band proceeds go toward providing instruments and costumes to its members, all of whom are volunteers.

Batala is a samba-reggae band that plays rhythms typical of the northeastern region of Brazil. The heavily syncopated music is rooted in traditional African drumming, and is accented with a heavy dose of Brazilian samba. The women of Batala play this music on 4 types of drums, creating a powerful, dynamic sound that has captivated audiences in the DC area. The music, combined with Batala’s colorful costumes and energetic dancing, create a visual and auditory experience that few forget.

All women older than 21 years of age are welcome to join the band, regardless of income, nationality, or musical experience. The result is a diverse community of women hailing from countries in South America, Europe, Asia and North America. There are currently over 50 women in the DC group!

Batala in Washington, D.C. is part of an international Batala family formed in Paris in 1997 by Giba Goncalves. Batala began as the European wing of Cortejo Afro, an arts education project to help disadvantaged young people. The instruments and clothing are all manufactured in Salvador, Bahia, where the band has a social program that provides jobs for many poor families. From Paris, Batala spread to other cities in France, Belgium, Spain, Africa, the United Kingdom, and back to its origins in Brazil. In 2007, Batala came to Washington, DC, extending the reach of this infectious music to the United States.

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